Competitive Series lockers are ideal for applications that require ventilation and strength, or where visual inspection of the locker contents is required. In this series, doors are made from 14 gauge steel, sides, tops, bottoms, and shelves are 16 gauge steel, and backs are 18 gauge steel.

Doors and sides are perforated with diamond perforations allowing maximum air circulation and at the same time maintaining security. 

Solid doors are optional. 1, 2 & 3 tier lockers all have a standard recessed handle with single point latch, a multipoint latch is optimal at no additional cost. 4,5,6,8 & 9 tier box lockers have a friction catch door pull that accepts built-in locks

Recessed Multi-Point LatchDoor Pull

ADA Compliance: Lockers are to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act, accessibility guidelines.
They shall have recessed handles and shall be a single tier or lower opening of a double tier locker.
Locker bottom shall be a minimum of 9” off the floor, or an extra shelf placed 9” off the floor.
Single tier lockers shall have a shelf 48” off the floor.
Doors assigned for handicapped use shall have an appropriate symbol sign.

1.1 Submittals: Submit under provisions of Section 01 33 00.
Shop Drawings shall show dimensioned plans, elevations, and sections.
1.2 Delivery, Storage and Handling: Store product in manufacturers unopened packaging
until ready for installation to protect the locker finish and adjacent surfaces from damage.
2. Acceptable Manufacturer: WEC Manufacturing.
2.1 Material: Steel parts shall be mild cold‐rolled commercial quality steel, capable of taking a high-grade enamel finish.
2.2 Door Frames: Shall be 16 gauge formed in a channel shape.
Vertical members shall have an additional flange to provide a continuous door strike.
Cross frame members should also be 16 gauge channel-shaped, including intermediate cross frame
members on double and triple tier lockers.
2.3 Doors: Shall be 14 gauge, channel-shaped on both the lock and hinge side with angle formations across the top and bottom.
Single, double and triple tier lockers doors shall be 16 gauge full height reinforcement channel.
2.4 Handles: Shall be one piece 20 gauge deep drawn stainless cup designed to accommodate locks.
2.5 Latching: Multi-point latch full channel formation of adequate depth to fully conceal lock bar on lock side,
channel formation on the hinge side, right angle formations across top and bottom, with holes for attaching number plates.
2.6 Hinges: Shall be 16 gauge full-length continuous piano type riveted to both door and frame.
Hinge shall maximize security and enhance resistance to abuse and vandalism.
2.7 Ventilation: All lockers sides and doors 20” or higher shall be perforated diamond‐shaped perforations.
2.8 Body: Hole spacing in locker body construction: not exceeding 9”.
Steel specially formed for added strength and rigidity and to ensure tight joints at fastening points.
2.9 Interior Equipment: Single tier lockers 48” or higher shall have a shelf.
When under 18” deep, locker shall have 3 wall hooks and one ceiling hook.
Single tier lockers 18” deep or more shall have a coat rod instead of one ceiling hook.
Triple tier lockers shall have three wall hooks for 12” and 4 wall hooks for 15” and wider lockers.
2.10 Fabrication: Shall be on the unit principle, each locker with individual door and frame, individual top, bottom, back, and shelves,
with common intermediate divisions separating compartments.
2.11 Number Plates: Provide holes for attaching number plates.
Each locker shall have a polished aluminum number plate riveted to door face with black numerals 1/2” high.
2.12 Finish: All components shall have a 2 mil hybrid epoxy/polyester powder, electrostatically
applied to ensure a uniform finished and baked to cure.
2.13 Accessories: available upon request.
2.14 Locks: available upon request.
3 Installation: Lockers shall be installed in compliance with WEC’s installation instructions and shall be level and
plumb with flush surfaces and rigid attachment to anchoring surfaces.
3.1 Adjust and Clean: Adjust doors and latches to operate without binding.
Verify that latches are operating satisfactorily. Adjust built-in locks to prevent binding of dial or key and
ensure smooth operation prior to substantial completion.
3.2 Protection: Protect installed products until completion of the project.

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