• Distribution Channel:
    WEC sells through qualified authorized Distributors.
  • Prices:
    Prices are shown in US Dollars and are subject to change. Please call us for current prices and if merited steel surcharges and price protection rates apply. We guarantee our written quotations for 90 days. When placing your order, please reference our quote number. All Prices are based on WEC standard construction.
  • Taxes:
    WEC does not include taxes on quotes. Please provide tax ID information when applicable.
  • Payment Terms:
    All pre-approved accounts are Net 30 days. Credit Cards are accepted.
  • Changes and Cancellations:
    Changes may have an adverse effect on the scheduled ship date. Orders are not subject to changes or cancellations after the commencement of manufacturing. Orders requiring engineering drawings are subject to an engineering fee if canceled.
  • Returns:
    A 25% restocking and handling charge will be made on all stock items returned (prior authorization required). All special custom products
    that are non-stock are not returnable and the sale is final.
  • Shipments:
    Please price freight from Memphis, TN.
  • Freight Classes
    70: K.D. Lockers, Benches.
    125: Assembled Lockers & All Welded Lockers.
  • Freight Charges:
    All shipments will be made prepay and add unless otherwise specified. When freight is prepaid, charges will be added to the invoice.
    Each order must be for one destination to one consignee.
  • Claims and Freight Damage:
    Claims for damage or lost material must be filed with the carrier. Claims for shortages must be made in writing to WEC within 72 hours from receipt of shipment.
    Caution: when you give the delivering carrier a clear receipt for a shipment in which there is damaged merchandise or a shortage, the carrier is relieved of further responsibility. If buyer coordinates freight, claims for damage or shortage must be filed by you with the delivering carrier. WEC will not accept the return of merchandise damaged in transit. Your claim is with the delivering carrier.
  • Choice of Carrier:
    WEC retains the right to select the most appropriate carrier for delivery to your order destination.
  • Packaging and Marking:
    WEC will use best in class practices when packaging. For special crating, marking, palletizing, or export packing, contact your WEC representative for availability and cost.
  • Warranty :
    WEC lockers are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a lifetime period from the date of shipment. WEC reserves the right to examine all equipment prior to settlement of any claim. WEC is not responsible for products damaged by misuse, abuse or any acts of vandalism. The warranty is also voided if the finish is exposed to items such as high humidity, chlorine salts, abrasive cleaners, germicidal cleaners or acids. Extended warranty is available upon request prior to ordering.
  • CAD Drawings:
    Whether you need help special engineering a custom product or need shop drawings to complete a submittal package, WEC will assist.
  • Starter and Adder Method:
    Pricing of Starters and Adders is for those jobs that can be assembled in larger groupings. A Starter is defined as a complete 1 wide unit, while an Adder is a 1 wide unit minus division, and supplied with only 1 rear leg. ( for lockers with legs)
  • Locker Assembled Groups:
    Each group is priced with 1 Starter Locker and as many Adder Lockers as required to complete a group. If WEC assembles for the distributor, please follow grouping criteria:
    Groups for 12”W lockers can’t exceed 48”
    Groups of 15”W lockers can’t exceed 45”
    Groups of 18”W lockers can’t exceed 54”
    24”W and Larger can’t exceed 1W.
  • Nuts & Bolts:
    Standard assembly hardware for knockdown orders is nuts & bolts.
  • Rivets:
    WEC uses a domestic rivet to assembly its product lines. To obtain rivets instead of nuts and bolts, add $ 5.00 per frame to the price of lockers and make sure the order clearly specifies rivets.
  • Number Plates:
    Each locker comes with a number plate built into the price. Standard industry practice is 1 up when numbering locker projects. Please be specific when ordering number plates. If the number sequence on the number plate is more than four digits, please call to make sure we can accommodate your numbering requirement. Number plate sequences cannot exceed 6 spaces on a number plate. Number plates will ship loose on K.D orders in the hardware box with number plate rivets for attachment. Alphanumeric, as well as numbers over 1,000, are available upon request.
  • Installation Hardware:
    Standard hardware is the responsibility of the distributors.
  • Welded/Assembled Locker Growth:
    When you install a welded locker group next to another locker group, the overall width increases by 1/16” per group. Assembled locker growth is 1/16” per frame regardless of locker grouping.
  • Touch Up:
    Marred finishes with factory supplied paint. Aerosol cans are available Please price accordingly. Note: Aerosol paint may not be an exact match to original paint as the paint process applied to the locker is different from aerosol paint.
  • Finish:
    To preserve the finish of the locker, they must be kept dry and free from contaminants. To clean, use a clean damp cloth. Wipe thoroughly dry immediately after cleaning. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners or harsh detergents.
  • Inspection:
    Periodic inspection of all lockers should be made to determine if any lockers have inoperable locks, or broken, missing or loose parts. Responsibility for inspection is by the Distributor.
  • Anchoring:
    Please make an important note: For additional safety purposes, all lockers must be floor or wall anchored for safety purposes. Lockers are not designed to be free standing.
  • Other Sizes:
    If you don't see a size or configuration you need, other sizes are available. Contact your WEC representative for a CPI request if required.
  • ADA Locker Guidelines:
    The Americans Disabilities Act has several requirements for lockers. WEC lockers that comply with ADA requirements are Single tier 66” or 78” high with recessed handle and 3 point latch with the shelf placed no higher than 48” from the floor. Double tier 78” with recess handle and 2 point latch. Assign lower tier only to the disabled. If the person needs to use the locker bottom, it must be 9” off the floor or a shelf must be installed a minimum of 15 ” off the floor. A handicap sign has to be placed on the door. In addition, the architect should show the location of the handicap lockers on the drawings and provide the necessary clear open space in front of the selected locker.

WEC assumes no responsibility for product failure or personal injury if products are modified or used for other than their designed purpose.

WEC pursues a continuous improvement program of our designs and products. When improvements occur, or when conditions exist beyond our control, WEC reserves the right to furnish equipment considered standard at the time of shipment.

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