√ Fast Track Products:
All items on an order must be in the Fast Track price list.

√ Mark Your Orders:
All Fast Track Orders must be clearly marked. If your order is not recognized as “Fast Track” upon receipt at WEC, it will be delayed. Therefore we request that you identify every Fast Track order in one of the following ways:
* Use the Fast Track Program order form.
* Mark your order with BOLD marking pen “Fast Track” before you fax to WEC.

√ Changes and Cancellations:
Not available after placement of a Fast Track order.

√ Shipments:
Please price freight from Memphis, TN.

√ Freight Charges:
All shipments will be made prepay and add unless otherwise specified. When freight is prepaid, charges will be
added to the invoice. Each order must be for one destination to one consignee.

√ Freight Classes:
70: K.D. Lockers, Benches.
125: Assembled Lockers & All Welded Lockers.

√ Claims and Freight Damage:
Claims for damage or lost material must be filed with the carrier. Claims for shortages must be made in writing to WEC within 72 hours from receipt of shipment. Caution: when you give the delivering carrier a clear receipt for a shipment in which there is damaged merchandise or a shortage, the carrier is relieved of further responsibility. Claims for damage or shortage must be filed by you with the delivering carrier. WEC will not accept the return of merchandise damaged in transit. Your claim is with the delivering carrier.

√ Returns:
A 25% restocking and handling charge will be made on all stock items returned (prior authorization required). All special custom products that are nonstock are not returnable and the sale is final.

√ Warranty :
WEC lockers are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of lifetime warranty from date of shipment. WEC reserves the right to examine all equipment prior to settlement of any claim. WEC is not responsible for products damaged by misuse, abuse or any acts of vandalism. The warranty is also voided if the finish is exposed to items such as high humidity, chlorine salts, abrasive cleaners, germicidal cleaners or acids.

√ Specifications:
Subject to change without notice. WEC pursues a continuous improvement program of our designs and products. When improvements occur, or when conditions exist beyond our control, WEC reserves the right to furnish equipment considered standard at the time of shipment.

√ Lockers:
Will be provided with number plates in the hardware from 1 up when numbering preference is not specified on the order. Numbers from 1 to 1000 are available from Fast Track Stock. Fast Track lockers are furnished with flat tops and 6” legs as standard. Legs will be removed by WEC at no additional charge if “NO LEGS” is requested on order.

√ Locker Accessories:
Will be shipped in separate cartons with the following exceptions: Slope top kits and Front Bases will be attached to lockers by WEC at no additional charge when ordered with assembled lockers.

1 Tier, 1 Wide
Size (Inches)