To create long-term sustainable value for our customers


Strive to operational excellence in all area of our business as a full-service stocking manufacturer


FAST (product availability)

WEC Manufacturing has been working hard to engineer, develop, manufacture and distribute metal lockers for all applications. WEC Manufacturing has spent the last decade engineering and manufacturing metal lockers to provide you with a high-quality product at the best price possible. “We work with customers to better our products by listening to each customer’s needs.”


Why WEC Manufacturing?
WEC Manufacturing Works with the owner, architect, contractor and dealers needs. WEC Manufacturing has focused on exceptional customer service while providing the most affordable and lowest total cost of ownership possible.

What WEC Manufacturing does best?
WEC Manufacturing is a highly reliable company that offers services and products above industry standards.

  • Customer Service
  • Enhanced Stocking Program that Offers a Wide Variety of Sizes, Styles, and Colors
  • Flexible Shipping Options
  • Custom Packaging
  • Engineering Support
  • Assembly
  • Installation

WEC Manufacturing is dedicated to being leading edge in customer satisfaction, value-added services, unsurpassed distribution, and operational excellence.

Our Total Quality Management and Customer Relationship Management systems are considered best in class.

WEC Manufacturing ensures customers receive the best experience possible when purchasing the commercial products we sell. We have experience in working with local, regional, and national markets.

Top Industries Served:

  • Government, Healthcare
  • Institutional
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Retail
  • Food Industry
  • Education

Many of the product categories WEC Manufacturing carries are in stock for immediate shipment. Most items in stock are considered to be the quickest turnarounds in the country.

WEC understands that customers need the product right away so we have structured and executed a best in class stocking and national logistics network.

Feel free to call us with any of your product or service needs.