Built In Standard Superior Quiet Locker Features:

We Feature Technology Leading Quiet Doors - Silenced For Schools:

A. The Design Specification: The key to the sound-dampening is the solid interior welded double strength plate welded to the door. This one piece is fabricated from 16 gauge or 18 gauge steel sheet; formed into channel shape with double a bend at vertical edges and with a right-angle single bend at the horizontal edges. The doors can be equipped with quiet handles and silencing latches.

1. Quiet Handles: stainless steel recessed handle with plastic-protected lifting trigger, designed to accept padlock or built in locks.
2. Silencing Latches: nearly silent multi-point latching on heavy gauge frame hooks with rubber buffers that smoothly reduce noise and contact. There is a concealed quiet lock bar that is locked into place and restricts metal to metal noise contact by polyethylene glides.
3. U Shape Channel Glide: The spider plastic component tops the inside the galvanized latch channel so there is no rattling within the latch bar cavity.

Additional Option. Sound-Dampening Panels: Manufacturer's standard, designed to stiffen doors and reduce sound levels when doors are closed, of die-formed metal with full perimeter flange and sound-dampening design and material; welded to inner face of doors. These sound-dampening panels are attached horizontally or vertically depending upon the design of the locker.
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